Bell (Agogo) Patterns and more

Here are plenty of rhythmic patterns for review and exploration -- suitable not only to agogo but pandeiro, conga, whatever! Enjoy them here.


New Brazilian Music Blog

Tera Crisalida is now writing a blog on such topics as the origins of samba and bossa nova. I think this sort of thing is pretty well documented elsewhere, yet still mysterious as every account tends to contradict other points of view -- sort of like trying to learn "proper" pandeiro technique!


Elza + A Folia Baiana = !!!!!!

Eternal samba stalwart Elza Soares will be singing in Salvador, Bahia's carnaval festivities this year. Since the elderly Elza routinely blows performers a quarter her age off the stage with her voice, presence, and swing, this year's event should be unforgettable. Either Elza or Bahia may not survive the intesity, and I'm not betting against Elza.

The story in Portuguese.


Coming next year: animated "Rio"

Holy Walt Disney! American animators will be contributing to the Brazilian hoopla attendant in the upcoming World Cup and Olympic games. Coming in 2011, the computer animated feature "Rio". Read more.


Amazonia's lost city finally found?

It seems that perhaps there was something to the legend of El Dorado. And Percy Harrison Fawcett wasn't wrong. "New" civilization found in what is now Bolivia & Brazil. Read more.


Dancing with the Devil

Why is it that Brazil is just slums, beaches and (rapidly-dissappearing) rainforest to the outside world? In any case, this favela documentary is getting excellent reviews.