Monopolist ruling against Brazil's music royalties collectors

I've heard for years how corrupt the music business is in Brazil, even compared with it's less than stellar record everywhere else. Here's a taste via boingboing.


Richard Feynman, sambista

I can't say I know of any other Americans who went to the streets of Rio in the mid-1950s and played samba in the streets with locals. Clearly, this guy was a genius and ahead of his time. But what's amazing is he also happened to be one of the greatest physicists of all time, a Nobel winner and beloved professor.

For sambistas, it's interesting to note that he found pandeiro tough and settled on frigideira -- an instrument that doesn't get enough love nowadays!

Here he is on the subject of samba carioca:

And here's a brief overview of his other accomplishments:

AfroPop Worldwide on Brazilian music, past and present

Afro-pop Worldwide also recently covered recent pop trends in SP:


And here's part 2 of their Rio show from last July: