Rio Carnaval school celebrates Japan theme

It's been a century since the first Japanese immigrants arrived in Brazil and one samba school is apparently celebrating with samurai/sushi samba:


press release: San Diego Carnaval

press release:


WHEN: Saturday, February 2, 2008 9:00PM - 2:00AM
WHERE: 4th and "B" Theater 345 B Street, San Diego, CA

General Admission: $30 / GA Sky Box: $50 21 & Up
(GA standing room only) (Limited unreserved seating in Sky Box)

General Admission & GA Sky Box Tickets On Sale at
House of Blues Box Office and TICKETMASTER

For More Info: VIP Reserved Seating / and Group Rates,
please call 619.224.4684

Copa Airlines & Brazilian Promotions present the 16th Annual San Diego Brazilian Mardi Gras Ball Saturday, February 2, 2008 @ 4th & "B" the "Best" Carnaval venue on the West Coast. San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2008 features Flavio Riberio e Unidos da California Samba School, Mark Lamson e Sol e Mar, Chalo Eduardo, Samba CHOPPS, Capoeira Brasil, ElektroVibe Tribe and the Shimmy Sisters Carnaval Bands, Capoeira, Parades, and Mardi Gras Beads. Rich in beauty and color our Carnaval presents a “Spectacular Samba Show” featuring dancers in glittering costumes adorned in sequins, beads and feathers accompanied by percussionists playing the authentic Batucada rhythms of Rio de Janeiro

"Carnavalescos" dance non-stop to the pulsating rhythms of SAMBA, BATUCADA, MARCHA, AXÉ MUSIC, FREVO, SAMBA-REGGAE, and CARNAVAL ELECTRICO as they are taken on a "Carnaval Tour" of Brazil from Rio to Bahia with a stop in Recife!

QUOTES: "...It's hard to beat San Diego's Brazil Carnival (brazilcarnival.com). The event is more Latin than Cajun, with samba music, body paint, What to drink? Brahma beer imported from Brazil..." Paul Tolme / Newsweek Magazine

"...The San Diego Brazil Carnaval at 4th & "B" is the best around. I've been to the other Brazilian Carnivals in Southern California and there is no comparison. I can hardly wait for Carnaval 2008!..." Cecilia M.

"...I was transported to Rio de Janeiro and enjoyed non-stop dancing complete with colorful parades and costumed dancers. Nobody parties like Brazilians!" Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT..." Rob Hagey / Producer San Diego Street Scene

"...Copying the Brazilian tradition to celebrate life with a Bourbon Street-meets-Rio celebration, 4th & B's annual Brazil Carnival delivers a taste of South America the weekend before Fat Tuesday, letting Mardi Gras fans get their revelry started early. With samba specialists SambaDa providing the music through the night, the dance floor's sure to be packed with sweaty bodies..." Matt Schild / AOL Digital City

San Diego Brazil Carnaval has developed the reputation as being one of the largest and most authentic Carnaval celebrations outside Brazil. It is an all-consuming party of fun, feathers, fantasy and outrageous costumes. In it's 16th year, San Diego Brazil Carnaval has the longest ongoing Carnaval tradition in Southern California. This Gala Event along with Carnevale in Little Italy signals the start of San Diego's Carnaval Mardi Gras Celebration that culminates with the Gaslamp Mardi Gras Parade on Fat Tuesday

"San Diego em Ritmo de Carnaval"

Saturday, February 2: Carnevale in San Diego's Little Italy from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 2: San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2008 @ 4th "B" 345 "B" Street
Sunday, February 3: Sevilla "Official Carnaval After-Party" 555 4th Avenue
Monday, February 4: Wylcef Jean @ the House of Blues 1055 5th Avenue
Tuesday, February 5: Gaslamp Mardi Gras "FAT" Tuesday Celebration and Parade


The History of San Diego Brazil Carnaval

FAQ frequently asked questions regarding San Diego Brazil Carnaval

What is San Diego Brazil Carnaval?

San Diego Brazil Carnaval is a Brazilian Mardi Gras Ball, Feathers…Fantasy…Stunning Samba Dacners….Music, Dance, Costumes, Glitter, Beads and Masks. It signals the start of the San Diego Mardi Gras season that culminates on FAT Tuesday, February 5th with the San Diego Gaslamp Mardi Gras Celebration and Parade. Over the years, it has developed the reputation of being one of San Diego’s signature events and the premier Brazilian Carnaval on the West Coast.

San Diego Brazil Carnaval goes from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Followed by an After Party at 4th & "B" Be sure and come in your most comfortable dancing shoes. You will dance the night away to the rhythms of Samba, Marchinhas, Frevo, Axé Music, Bloco Afro and Samba-Reggae as we take you on a Carnaval tour of Brazil with stops in Recife, Bahia and Rio.

How did the San Diego Brazil Carnaval get started?

San Diego Brazil Carnaval was started in 1993 by a native San Diegan who fell in love with Brazil & his Brazilian friends who wanted to share a part of their culture in their adopted city, San Diego. San Diego Brazil Carnaval is known for being one of the largest and most authentic Carnaval celebrations on the West Coast. It is an all-consuming party of fun, feathers, fantasy and outrageous costumes. San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2008 is where Carnavalescos come to dance to the non-stop pulsating rhythms of “Samba, Samba, Samba”. It takes place February 2nd at 4th & “B” and signals the start of the San Diego Carnaval Mardi Gras Celebration which culminates with the San Diego Gaslamp Mardi Gras Celebration on Fat Tuesday.

What is the History of Carnaval?

Carnaval in Brazil, Carnival in the Caribbean, Karnaval in Germany and Carnivale in Italy has origins in ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks paid homage to Dionysus the God of Wine. This tradition was passed on to the Romans who celebrated Bacchanalia to honor Bacchus. Carnaval gives us a time to get away from the routine of life and celebrate our existence.

Many centuries ago, Catholics in Italy began the tradition of having a costume festival before the first day of Lent. Because the Catholic tradition was to give up eating meat during the 40 days of Lent, this celebration was called: carnevale — “to put away the meat.” Carnaval has evolved into the annual "Celebration of Life". Elaborate and colorful Carnaval celebrations take place in Venice, Paris, Cologne, Rome, Venice and in nearly every country colonized by the French, Spanish and the Portuguese: Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil. Other large Carnaval Celebrations take place in Trinidad, San Francisco, London, Goa, India, Toronto, San Diego and New Orleans. Carnaval is an explosion of dancing, music, lights, and, colors


What's the Brazilian Portuguese for "7-string dynamite"?!

A few years ago, at the Modern Sound, a CD by an unknown guitarist named Yamandu Costa was on display. I donned the headphones and was amazed by what I heard on track one, "Bejeiro" ("wizard") by Ernesto Nazareth. Nested in a volcanic flow of harmonic and rhythmic flourishes (which apparently come without effort to this very young guitarist) is a melodic and tonal sense so athletically exercised and acutely focused that the music simmers, soars, teases, sings, and, occasionally, roars.

Last night in New York I had the pleasure of catching the virtuoso live, performing Brejeiro and two other pieces, at the 92nd Street Y. And catching him walking by afterwards, I thanked him and said that he is the Brejeiro.

If you find yourself in the same hemisphere as Mr. Costa, do yourself a favor. Catch a show.

A sample from YouTube, actually from the film Brasileirinho:



Some people don't like samba?

From the UK, a story a few years old but worth a look...

The Times

July 22, 2005

Widow of 80 locked up in row with PC drummer
By Simon de Bruxelles

A WIDOW aged 80 found herself being fingerprinted and locked in a police cell after complaining about the noise of drumming coming from a community centre.

Gwen Townsend was arrested after snatching a stick from one of the samba drummer’s hands and allegedly hitting him with it when he ignored her pleas to keep the volume down.

Mrs Townsend was unaware that the drummer was an off-duty police officer. PC Adam Hall called for reinforcements to arrest the pensioner for causing actual bodily harm.

Mrs Townsend, who suffers from a heart condition, was held in a cell for two hours and had her fingerprints, photograph and a DNA swab taken. She was later driven home in a police car and is waiting to see if the police press charges before lodging a formal complaint.

The retired accountant from Devizes, Wiltshire, had put up with the noise from the community centre for two hours before storming across to ask the drummers to keep the noise down. Inside she found the Devizes Bang Band hammering giant samba drums.

Mrs Townsend claims that she snatched one of the drummer’s sticks and banged it down on his drum when he took no notice of her.

She added: “People were offering me cups of tea to calm me down but I wasn’t in a mood to be calmed. The noise was horrendous and no-one was listening to my complaints.

“The man I was supposed to have hit said he would have to call the police. I said ‘good’ because I wanted them to see how many cars there were parked illegally there.”

After the altercation with PC Hall, who called for a squad car, Mrs Townsend was arrested and taken to Melksham police station, where she was locked in a cell.

She said: “They stuck me in this smelly cell for two hours. I am 80 years old and I have a heart condition and no effort was made to contact a doctor. They treated me as though I was an 18-year-old thug.”

She was released on police bail and ordered to return to the police station in August.

A police spokesman denied the force had been heavy handed. He said: “We confirm that an elderly woman had been arrested after an allegation that a man had been struck across the face over three times with a drumstick, causing reddening and bruising. Police have to be even handed when investigating all allegations of assault, irrespective of age or gender.”

Stuart Hislop, who helped to organise the drumming event, said that there were no other complaints.


City of Men soundtrack promoted

Here's a press release sent along by a promoter of a Brazilian film soundtrack, the follow-up to City of God. He'd love to hear your reaction to this press release and his email is at the end of it:





(January 10, 2008- Los Angeles, CA) - Lakeshore Records will release the
original motion picture soundtrack for CITY OF MEN. The album features
original music by Golden Globe-nominated composer Antonio Pinto (CENTRAL

Brazilian composer Antonio Pinto was named "Discovery of the Year" at the
2003 World Soundtrack Awards/Flanders International Film Festival and was
nominated for a Golden Globe award for the song "Despedida", which he
co-wrote with Shakira. He made his domestic debut in Brazil in 1994, but
first attracted international attention for his work on CENTRAL
1998. Four years later he composed the music for CITY OF GOD and was
selected by Michael Mann to write the end credit for COLLATERAL. Pinto's
credits also include LORD OF WAR and LOVE AND DEATH IN THE TIME OF

The 2002 film CITY OF GOD introduced the world to the horrors of the
of Rio de Janeiro and followed the lives of several kids who grew up
in the
slums through the 60s, 70s and 80s. Utilizing the same setting and same
actors, but set in the present day, CITY OF MEN became a television
mini-series running from 2002-2005. The TV series transitions to the big
screen with the new film CITY OF MEN.

In CITY OF MEN, producer Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardner)
to the Brazilian favelas of his Academy AwardT-nominated film, CITY OF
Growing up in a culture dictated by violence and run by street gangs,
teenagers Acerola (Douglas Silva) and Laranjinha (Darlan Cunha) have
close as brothers. With their eighteenth birthdays fast approaching,
Laranjinha sets out to find the father he never met, while Acerola
to raise his own young son. But when they suddenly find themselves on
opposite sides of a gang war, the lifelong friends are forced to
confront a
shocking secret from their shared past.

Directed by Paulo Morelli, Miramax presents CITY OF MEN, in select
on January 18. The Lakeshore Records recording will be available on
on January 1, 2008 and in stores on January 8.


For more information contact: cinemediapromo@ yahoo.com


Our Man In Rio falls in with Banda da Ipanema

Perennial samba correspondent Jacaré is seen here with carmen mirandas of the fabled Banda da Ipanema.

ECONOMIST does Ipanema bikini humor

Are all those "dental floss" bikinis in Rio due to a massive shortage of men in the Carioca population? Serious economics/news weekly pulls out all the dry British wit to get to the bottom of it all here.


Marcos Suzano teaching pandeiro

M. Suzano aula
Originally uploaded by Eric Marc Crawford

For a few years now, I've been hooking students of Brazilian music up with great instructors in Rio for one-on-one lessons. Here, famed pandeiro wizard Marcos Suzano gives one of my students a lesson. If you'd like to study with great musicians in Rio, let me know. More at na-roda.com.

another blog from a Rio carnaval attendee


Some nice pictures at this one!

gig// Jan 6. boston bossa breakfast!

Brunch and Bossa Nova at the Beehive
Spread over two floors in the Boston Center for the Arts, the Beehive attracts a suitably artsy crowd, especially before and after performances. The large space, filled with eye-catching art and ornate drapes and fixtures, is one of the neighborhood's few true late-night destinations. An eclectic assortment of live music, from jazz to cabaret, is offered most nights. Patrons select from a Mediterranean-tinged menu of shareable bites (charcuterie plates, a "jar of pickles") and pricier, more substantial fare (lamb ribs with house-made garlic sausage, pappardelle with wild mushrooms and creamy ricotta).

Where: The Beehive
541 Tremont St Boston, MA 02116Phone: (617) 423-0069
When: 01/06– Sunday at 11am-3pm

The band:
Anna Borges – voice, percussion
Bill Ward – voice, guitar
Vinicius Pienasola– drums

Don't forget!
Bill Ward & Anna Borges playing Bossa nova at The Sunset Cafe every Saturday (no performace on 10/06)
(851 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02141). It will be just the two of us, every Saturday from 8pm -12 am, in the fancier part of Sunset Cafe (not the dive bar part).
Beijos,Bill + Anna


tour//Bahia in June with drummer Gamo da Paz

Even among baianos, San Francisco-based Gamo is a very nice guy. Very talented, drummer, too. Visit Bahia with Gamo in June:


workshops//pre-carnaval percussion in rio

If you're lucky enough to be in Rio right now (I'm not!) I've attended a workshop by this guy and thought it was excellent. Might be a little to general for veterans, though great for folks newer to Brazilian percussion:





Joca Perpignan, Brazilian percussionist-singer-songwriter, has worked with top artists around the world such as: Mati caspi, Yoni Rechter, Armandinho( Brazil ), Paquito D´Rivera( Cuba ), The Mendes Brothers(Cape Verde), Luciana Souza( Brazil ), and others.
As a musical educator has conducted workshops in differents events and institutions in Brazil , USA , Chile ,and all around Israel !
Joca has also been rhythm instructor to the world-famous percussion group Mayumana !

* the class is about samba percussion instruments such as: surdo, tan-tan, repique, pandeiro, tamborim, chocalho, agogo, cuica, atabaque, reco-reco, ganza, and more.

2 packages :

1 - one percussion workshop (2 hours duration) and one night-tour to a samba show/ or samba school rehearsal

2- two percussion workshops (2 hours duration each) and two night-tours to a samba show/ or samba school rehearsal

* Joca is a English/Hebrew/Portuguese speaker

For more information about the program contact: jocaperp@yahoo.com.br or tomer_batucada@yahoo.com
phone in Brazil: 55-21-22664744

Yellow Fever scare at Rio carnaval

The worst Yellow Fever statistics since 2003:


1/20/08: Samba in Silver Spring, Maryland

I guess this is a "Little Brazil" I've never heard of:


Your friends Clube do Samba are at it again this time in little Brazil--Silver Spring, Maryland.
We look forward to you joining us for a big samba party--lots'a peeps at a large, hip venue. Please
spread the word as this will be a great event! Remember no work/school on following Monday.

CLUBE do SAMBA playing best Pagode e Samba
DJ FabioSoul directly from NYC spinning Brazilian tunes all night.

Sunday, Jan 20th - Doors open 7pm. Clube do Samba starts at 8:30pm

Gallery Lounge
1115 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Free Self Parking 2 blocks away.
Silver Spring Metro 2 blocks away

Doors open at 7pm-2am | Ladies Free until 8:30pm w/pass | Men $10 all night
Specials: Coronas $3 and $4 Caipirinha shootersCachaca Cuca Fresca until 9pm - Caipirinhas $7
FREE PASSES: http://www.dcgroove.com/special.html PRINT PASSES!!!

Clube do Samba plays diverse Brazilian Samba styles, including Samba de Raiz, Pagode and Choro.
DC's finest samba musicians are:
Pablo do Cavaco - cavaco, vocals & percussion
Kevin Violão - 7 String guitar, vocals
Babajan - pandeiro & percussion
Fabio Melo - tantan & percussion
Carlos - percussao
Atiba - saxofone

CLUBE do SAMBA tocando o melhor do Pagode & Samba
DJ FabioSoul diretamente do NYC agitando a galera com os ritmos Brasileiros toda a noite.

Domingo dia 20 de janeiro, 2008
Horario: Portas abrem 7pm. Clube do Samba comeca as 8:30pm
So permitido para maiores de 21 sem excecao.
Com IDs ou Passportes Brasileiros .
Speciais: Coronas $3 e $4 Caipirinha shooters Cachaca Cuca Fresca até 9pm - Caipirinhas $7 a
noite toda

Doors open at 7pm-2am | Ladies Free until 8:30pm w/pass | Men $10 all night

Gallery Resto-Lounge
1115 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Free Self Parking 2 blocks away.
Silver Spring Metro 2 blocks away
FREE PASSES: http://www.dcgroove.com/special.html PRINT PASSES!!!


Update on David Heymann podcast

Apparently "Spirit of Brazil" is really taking off -- here's the latest from David:


165,000 listeners to my podcast since March 10, 2007. Hard to believe. They're listening to Novos Baianos in Cambodia.


Brazilians leaving US in droves?

According to the NY Times last month, hordes of Brazilian immigrants are heading home due to the relatively poor economy in the US and the greater stress of being here illegally. I think this will be a huge negative for those of us who enjoy Brazilian culture in the US. Perhaps there will be some benefits, too -- those Brazilians will go home with better English and a very realistic picture of what American life is like. These days, that's valuable since many people around the world villify our government, nation, and people in one breath. (Not that they don't have some justification.)

Here's the original article:



Rio samba reporters hit the streets

Carnaval approaches and it's become an annual tradition -- gringo samba musicians are writing home to jealous folks like me who can't be in Brazil any time soon.

Robert "Jacare" Patterson writes emails that are frequently posted on mailing lists. Older postings are here:
Let's hope this page is updated some time soon.

Kathleen Hunt, who --like Jacare -- plays batucada percussion, posts her tales of Carioca fun here: http://www.riostories.blogspot.com/

Wow, guitar gluttony in NYC Jan 27

A stellar line up, including what might be the N. American debut of the amazing Yamandu Costa! Check it out:

2 pm session:

7 pm session:

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