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Here's one of the more enjoyable blog efforts I've seen on things brazilophilic.

I especially appreciated the link author Patrica Ribeiro provided for this video.

And this explanation of the term Ziriguidum.

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Patricia Ribeiro said...

Fala, E. M.!

Thank you so very much for the recommendation. I love your blog. Look at this – Portuguese podcasts, cavaquinho, Yamandu Costa. Beleza.

My site doesn’t have a blogroll per se, but eventually I want to create a subcategory just for blogs about Brazil and I’ll include yours.

Also, I saw Freya wearing a Brasil cap. She’s a star. Awesome photos!

Gabriel Prezoto sent me another link to his Ziriguidum:


I sent him the link to BRAZILOPHILE.

Tudo de bom,