NYC Pandeiro Workshops, April 11 & 13 w/Clarice Clarice Magalhães

Clarice is a fine samba & choro pandeirista from Rio. Her background includes studying with Suzano, playing for years with excellent musicians in Lapa, several recording projects, and some years of teaching as well. Info on the web:


From the promotional email:


WORKSHOP 1: Sunday April 11, 2 - 3:30pm
Pandeiro Basics
(90 minutes)

WORKSHOP 2: Tuesday April 13, 6:30 - 8pm
Intermediate/Advanced Pandeiro technique
(90 minutes)

$25 each or $40 for both workshops
Address: 160 Cabrini Blvd, #67
between 181st and 187th Streets
Washington Heights

Please email BocaSemDenteNYC@gmail.com
with any questions or to reserve your space



From Clarice's site:

PANDEIRO WORKSHOP with Clarice Magalhães

About the workshops:
Recording artist and busy performing musician Clarice Magalhães will demonstrate the versatility of her instrument, the tambourine-like “pandeiro” – a foundation of many Brazilian musical forms, such as samba, choro, côco, the baião and maracatu.The lessons will develop the basic technique of the pandeiro through exercises that focus on the mechanics and rhythmic formulas used in these genres. The pupils will also learn a proper musical notation for the instrument, giving them the necessary theoretical support so that they can memorize the rhythms and study them at home.

About the instructor:
Clarice Magalhães is an active percussionist and singer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Graduate of the University of Rio de Janeiro with a BA in Brazilian popular music, she has taught extension courses for three years on pandeiro after an invitation from the University’s percussion professor Rodolfo Cardoso. Clarice has studied pandeiro with the legendary Marcos Suzano since 1996, and was a member of the orchestra of pandeiros “Pandemonium” until 1998. Clarice has been involved with samba and choro performances since then, particularly after joining the group Choro Na Feira in 2000. This ensemble plays weekly in a square in Rio’s Laranjeiras neighborhood, and has become a touchstone of the city’s musical landscape. Choro Na Feira has thus far released three CDs, all garnering substantial critical acclaim. She released her self-titled solo debut CD in December 2009.

Workshop 1: Pandeiro Basics (90 minutes)
Brazilian musician Clarice Magalhães demonstrates the versatility of the the pandeiro, a tambourine-like percussion instrument that serves as the foundation for many Brazilian musical forms. Our objective will be to develop the basic left and right hand technique, allowing us to learn the fundamental rhythmic formulas of samba and choro while obtaining optimal tone from the instrument. Students will also learn the proper notation for the instrument, allowing them to read and write further patterns to practice at home.

What to bring: Bring your pandeiro if you have one. If not, a loaner will be provided.

Who should Attend: Absolute beginners with the pandeiro or anyone looking to improve their fundamental skills.

To buy a brazilian pandeiro: www.pandeiro.com

Workshop2: Intermediate/Advanced Pandeiro technique (90 minutes)
This workshop for intermediate and advanced players focuses on improving your rough spots, adding new moves and rhythms to your repertoire, and generally having more fun with the instrument. You will also learn the proper notation for the instrument, allowing you to read and write out further patterns at home. No more than eight students will be admitted to the session, allowing plenty of opportunity for question and answer with the instructor.

What to bring: Bring your pandeiro if you have one. If not, a loaner will be provided.

Who should Attend: Anyone already comfortable with fundamental pandeiro skills, interested in improving speed, tone, and variety in their playing.

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E. M. Crawford said...

Update -- this workshop was terrific and I urge you to work with Clarice if you get a chance! I'm sure she'll be back to the US and probably will turn up elsewhere too...