Now Out: Rio in 3D

On the one hand, it's a standard-fare family-friendly animated feature, the kind that hits the multiplex about once a month ever since the Pixar folks started drawing imitators. But on the other hand, it actually is rooted in the real Rio, the real Carnaval, and some of the real music of Rio de Janeiro. A big step up from the Simpson's visit to Rio, which cast a samba school as some sort of Arthur Murray franchise.

Cinematically, 2.5 stars out of 5. Low point is when you realize Anne Hathaway is actually supposed to be a Brazilian hottie. And when the carnaval floats are shown to have motors -- never gonna happen. And not nearly enough Brazilian music.

In the trailer, look for the Disney quotes from Aquarela do Brasil (included in the full-length film Saludos Amigos):

The first 2 minutes of Rio

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