What's the Brazilian Portuguese for "7-string dynamite"?!

A few years ago, at the Modern Sound, a CD by an unknown guitarist named Yamandu Costa was on display. I donned the headphones and was amazed by what I heard on track one, "Bejeiro" ("wizard") by Ernesto Nazareth. Nested in a volcanic flow of harmonic and rhythmic flourishes (which apparently come without effort to this very young guitarist) is a melodic and tonal sense so athletically exercised and acutely focused that the music simmers, soars, teases, sings, and, occasionally, roars.

Last night in New York I had the pleasure of catching the virtuoso live, performing Brejeiro and two other pieces, at the 92nd Street Y. And catching him walking by afterwards, I thanked him and said that he is the Brejeiro.

If you find yourself in the same hemisphere as Mr. Costa, do yourself a favor. Catch a show.

A sample from YouTube, actually from the film Brasileirinho:


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