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press release:


WHEN: Saturday, February 2, 2008 9:00PM - 2:00AM
WHERE: 4th and "B" Theater 345 B Street, San Diego, CA

General Admission: $30 / GA Sky Box: $50 21 & Up
(GA standing room only) (Limited unreserved seating in Sky Box)

General Admission & GA Sky Box Tickets On Sale at
House of Blues Box Office and TICKETMASTER

For More Info: VIP Reserved Seating / and Group Rates,
please call 619.224.4684

Copa Airlines & Brazilian Promotions present the 16th Annual San Diego Brazilian Mardi Gras Ball Saturday, February 2, 2008 @ 4th & "B" the "Best" Carnaval venue on the West Coast. San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2008 features Flavio Riberio e Unidos da California Samba School, Mark Lamson e Sol e Mar, Chalo Eduardo, Samba CHOPPS, Capoeira Brasil, ElektroVibe Tribe and the Shimmy Sisters Carnaval Bands, Capoeira, Parades, and Mardi Gras Beads. Rich in beauty and color our Carnaval presents a “Spectacular Samba Show” featuring dancers in glittering costumes adorned in sequins, beads and feathers accompanied by percussionists playing the authentic Batucada rhythms of Rio de Janeiro

"Carnavalescos" dance non-stop to the pulsating rhythms of SAMBA, BATUCADA, MARCHA, AXÉ MUSIC, FREVO, SAMBA-REGGAE, and CARNAVAL ELECTRICO as they are taken on a "Carnaval Tour" of Brazil from Rio to Bahia with a stop in Recife!

QUOTES: "...It's hard to beat San Diego's Brazil Carnival (brazilcarnival.com). The event is more Latin than Cajun, with samba music, body paint, What to drink? Brahma beer imported from Brazil..." Paul Tolme / Newsweek Magazine

"...The San Diego Brazil Carnaval at 4th & "B" is the best around. I've been to the other Brazilian Carnivals in Southern California and there is no comparison. I can hardly wait for Carnaval 2008!..." Cecilia M.

"...I was transported to Rio de Janeiro and enjoyed non-stop dancing complete with colorful parades and costumed dancers. Nobody parties like Brazilians!" Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT..." Rob Hagey / Producer San Diego Street Scene

"...Copying the Brazilian tradition to celebrate life with a Bourbon Street-meets-Rio celebration, 4th & B's annual Brazil Carnival delivers a taste of South America the weekend before Fat Tuesday, letting Mardi Gras fans get their revelry started early. With samba specialists SambaDa providing the music through the night, the dance floor's sure to be packed with sweaty bodies..." Matt Schild / AOL Digital City

San Diego Brazil Carnaval has developed the reputation as being one of the largest and most authentic Carnaval celebrations outside Brazil. It is an all-consuming party of fun, feathers, fantasy and outrageous costumes. In it's 16th year, San Diego Brazil Carnaval has the longest ongoing Carnaval tradition in Southern California. This Gala Event along with Carnevale in Little Italy signals the start of San Diego's Carnaval Mardi Gras Celebration that culminates with the Gaslamp Mardi Gras Parade on Fat Tuesday

"San Diego em Ritmo de Carnaval"

Saturday, February 2: Carnevale in San Diego's Little Italy from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 2: San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2008 @ 4th "B" 345 "B" Street
Sunday, February 3: Sevilla "Official Carnaval After-Party" 555 4th Avenue
Monday, February 4: Wylcef Jean @ the House of Blues 1055 5th Avenue
Tuesday, February 5: Gaslamp Mardi Gras "FAT" Tuesday Celebration and Parade


The History of San Diego Brazil Carnaval

FAQ frequently asked questions regarding San Diego Brazil Carnaval

What is San Diego Brazil Carnaval?

San Diego Brazil Carnaval is a Brazilian Mardi Gras Ball, Feathers…Fantasy…Stunning Samba Dacners….Music, Dance, Costumes, Glitter, Beads and Masks. It signals the start of the San Diego Mardi Gras season that culminates on FAT Tuesday, February 5th with the San Diego Gaslamp Mardi Gras Celebration and Parade. Over the years, it has developed the reputation of being one of San Diego’s signature events and the premier Brazilian Carnaval on the West Coast.

San Diego Brazil Carnaval goes from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Followed by an After Party at 4th & "B" Be sure and come in your most comfortable dancing shoes. You will dance the night away to the rhythms of Samba, Marchinhas, Frevo, Axé Music, Bloco Afro and Samba-Reggae as we take you on a Carnaval tour of Brazil with stops in Recife, Bahia and Rio.

How did the San Diego Brazil Carnaval get started?

San Diego Brazil Carnaval was started in 1993 by a native San Diegan who fell in love with Brazil & his Brazilian friends who wanted to share a part of their culture in their adopted city, San Diego. San Diego Brazil Carnaval is known for being one of the largest and most authentic Carnaval celebrations on the West Coast. It is an all-consuming party of fun, feathers, fantasy and outrageous costumes. San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2008 is where Carnavalescos come to dance to the non-stop pulsating rhythms of “Samba, Samba, Samba”. It takes place February 2nd at 4th & “B” and signals the start of the San Diego Carnaval Mardi Gras Celebration which culminates with the San Diego Gaslamp Mardi Gras Celebration on Fat Tuesday.

What is the History of Carnaval?

Carnaval in Brazil, Carnival in the Caribbean, Karnaval in Germany and Carnivale in Italy has origins in ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks paid homage to Dionysus the God of Wine. This tradition was passed on to the Romans who celebrated Bacchanalia to honor Bacchus. Carnaval gives us a time to get away from the routine of life and celebrate our existence.

Many centuries ago, Catholics in Italy began the tradition of having a costume festival before the first day of Lent. Because the Catholic tradition was to give up eating meat during the 40 days of Lent, this celebration was called: carnevale — “to put away the meat.” Carnaval has evolved into the annual "Celebration of Life". Elaborate and colorful Carnaval celebrations take place in Venice, Paris, Cologne, Rome, Venice and in nearly every country colonized by the French, Spanish and the Portuguese: Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil. Other large Carnaval Celebrations take place in Trinidad, San Francisco, London, Goa, India, Toronto, San Diego and New Orleans. Carnaval is an explosion of dancing, music, lights, and, colors

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